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WANTED 2 BUY.....$5 Indian.....

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My two indians are somewhat of an anomaly today, they are both graded MS-60 by PCGS, so I am in between your grades! In any case, I would do some research first, starting by going to www.heritagecoin.com and looking through their auction archives. There you can browse past listings by type and look at a lot of photos to get a sense of what they should look like in each grade. Then if possible, I would go to a coin show or larger coin shop and look at as many graded coins as you can, so you know what to look for. After that, I would buy. As for AU or MS, personally, I think there are a lot of overgraded MS coins out there, and most likely you would be forced to pay a nice premium for them. To me, it's not worth spending good money for a coin that might not be as nice as the slab would suggest. So, I would probably go for the AU-58 to MS-61 coins. Even is these are overgraded by a point or two, you won't be out too much as the spread between these grades is much smaller than say between MS-62 and MS-63. Just my 2c, and remember, advice is worth what you pay for it!

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