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Is This a Libyan Gold Coin or Commemorative Medallion?


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A client of mine has asked for a valuation of his world coin collection - I've covered all of it with ease apart from this little jasper. From what I can see it looks to be a commemorative medallion from Libya, although for all I know it could be a coin, despite the fact it isn't listed in Krause.


Technical details are as follows:


Rose gold appearance, therefore presumably struck from a 0.9170 alloy

Weighs in at 16.06g; 28.50mm diameter; 2mm thick

Vertical milling around the edge

Obverse: bust of Colonel Gaddaffi facing to right, dates (1969 and 1979) in Arabic script either side, one line of Arabic script below

Reverse: building on top of ridge, 2 lines of Arabic script below







I presume it's going to be a commemorative struck for the 10th anniversary of the Libyan republic (their revolution was in 1969), but I'm blowed if I can find any information of substance on it at all. It certainly is interesting, if only for the fact it features the portrait of Gaddaffi (he is not depicted on the Libyan circulating coinage).


Has anyone seen one of these before? Any information would be appreciated.





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