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I found this one this week and I need opinions??

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There's not much reference to this one online,that I can find anyway and I know you'll think I am crazier now than you thought I was before :ninja: But I got this one this week and it look's to have doubling,wether it's the good kind or bad I dunno ;)


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I don't get it, ;) No I don't drink,smoke anything except cigarette's and don't use drug's so Maybe I just have double vision, ;) I gotta practice taking the pix I suppose cause I do see it especially on Libert and alittle on the date and pretty well on the motto,not saying it's the big one but daggone that wouldn't be bad either but really I don't get excited over much,TG, :ninja: my problem is I don't believe it's real until after stuff happen's....LoL

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