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coins left to me in will


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Hello and welcome to CoinPeople. As mentioned you can post photos/scans of some of your coins and folks here can help you to understand what you have. Do the plastic containers have any labels on them?

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Welcome to the Forum.

As noted photos would really help you. However, many people don't want to know, care to know, not sure how to take photos of coins nor how to post them. If your such a person, no problem. Just take your time and describe as much as possible of what you see. For example if your looking at a coin and it says it's from the USA and you see the words Dime on it, you now know it is a 10cent coin. Then you look for a date, note the reverse and what is on that. Who looks like the person or thing on the front. So by explaining as much as you can see for those coins, you may be able to find out something about them.

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