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D 5¢ Good For Token

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I love a good challenge, but sometimes you have just enough information to be totally stumped. Consider the following token:




The Moise signature and reverse definitely identifies it as western hemisphere, likely west coast although that extends into Central America, and places it in a 1900 time frame. Anyone recognize that stylized D? Talk about looking for a needle in a haystack. Unless I stumble across an ad featuring that D, I think I may be bound to fail in my search to identify this piece.

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To the left of the 'D' downstroke at its mid-point is there a fleur de lys, or something similar?


Yes, it is a flourish not unlike a fleur de lys. It is not a fleur de lys however.

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Interesting "D" on that token. I wonder if it's a company's trademark or some such thing.


I'm guessing it is a trademark. The D is fancy, but the flourishes are not exactly balanced leading me to believe the engraver was copying a trademark. If it is a trademark, I just might get lucky enough to spot it in ad someday.

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