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US Classic Commems

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Let's make a set of the US classic commemorative coins in chronological order based on date of issue. We'll give each issue a few days so people can post them. This is a commem. version of Mark Stilson's Morgan Dollars by Year thread.


First up:

1892 Columbian Exposition

My half dollar


My images should be larger but I can't find them anymore.

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Ready and waiting with a decent photo of my.....


1915-S Panama Pacific 50c

1915-S Panama Pacific $2.50 (rare gold!)

1918 Lincoln


1920 Maine

1922 Grant

1924 Huguenot

1925 Stone Mountain

1925-S California

1926-S Oregon


1934 Texas

1935-S San Diego

1936 Robinson

1936-D Rhode Island

1936-S Bay Bridge


Say when..... :ninja:

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I'll wait on posting my 1915 Pan-Pacs until someone posts a:


1) 1900 Lafayette dollar

2) 1903 Louisiana Purchase gold dollar (either the Thomas Jefferson or the William McKinley)

3) 1904 Lewis & Clark Exposition gold dollar

4) 1905 Lewis & Clark Exposition gold dollar


As these are thousand dollar coins I won't hold my breath.

And if someone posts a photo of both a Thomas Jefferson and a William McKinley my socks will come flying right off! :ninja:


FAO: TDP. We post photos in this thread, not the other one, correct?

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