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Pilgrim Tricentenary Half Dollar

Mr B

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Thanks TDP , its probably my favorite comm that i own , ive another which is a close runner , and a few other stunners :ninja: I see your thread there to make a set , ill photograph mine tomorrow in readiness,ive 7 of the classics (half dollars)

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I see your thread there to make a set


Yeah, you inspired me to make the thread. Many of the collectors here have some gorgeous commemoratives. I think that we all could complete 90% of the set with all but the rarest dates ($50 Panama Exposition, etc) spoken for.

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Its a cool idea for what will be a eyepopping thread , do you propose we go in order of issue ? If so we need an Isabella quarter from 1893 and a Lafayette dollar from 1901 both of which have eyepopping pricetags too.


I do propose order of issue. I need to find a good list that clearly denotes what the order is.

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Well , after the Columbian expo issues which includes the Isabella quarter we have the 1900 Lafayette Dollar,1903 saw the Louisiana Purchase expo gold dollars bearing Jefferson and McKinley.

1904-1905 was gold again with Lewis and Clark being the subject.Next was 1915 with the Panama-Pacific Expo half dollar.Gold commemoratives of the same expo were a $1 and $2.50 as well as two $50 coins , one round and one octagonal.


1916 and 1917 saw issues of Mckinley Memorial gold dollars.


1918 Illinois Centennial , 1920 Maine Centennial , 1920 and 1921 Pilgrim Trecentenary , 1921 Missouri Centennial and Alabama Centennial , 1922 Grant Memorial half dollar and gold dollar , the previous Centennials all being half dollars.


1923 Monroe Doctrine Centennial , 1924 Huguenot-Walloon Tercentenary , 1925 Lexington-Concord Sesquicentennial , 1925 Stone Mountain Memorial , 1925 California Diamond Jubileee , 1925 Fort Vancouver Centennial , 1926 Sesquicentennial of American Independence.All again being Half dollars.


Theres also a 1926 gold quarter eagle for the Sesquicentennial of American Independence.


1926-1939 saw issues of the Oregon trail Memorial , 1927 Vermont Sesequicentennial half dollar.Continuing with all half dollars is 1928 Hawaiin Sesquicentennial , 1934 Maryland Tercentenary , 1934-1938 Texas Independence Centennial , 1934 -1938 Daniel Boone Bicentennial , 1935 Connecticut Tricentenary , 1935-1939 Arkansas Centennial , 1936 Arkansas Centennial -Robinson , 1935 Hudson New York Sesquicentennial , 1935-1936 California Pacific International Exposition , 1935 Old Spanish trail , 1936 Providence Rhode Island Tercentenary,1936 Cleveland Centinnial/Great lakes expo , 1936 Wisconsin Territorial Centinnial , 1936 Cincinnati Music center , 1936 Long Island Tercentenary , 1936 York County Maine Tricentenary , 1936 Bridgeport Connecticut Centennial , 1936 Lynchburg Virginia Sesquicentennial , 1936 Elgin Illinois Centennial , 1936 Albany New York Charter , 1936 San Francisco -Oakland Bay bridge opening , 1936 Columbia South Carolina Sesquicentennial , 1936 Delaware Tercentenary , 1936 Battle of Gettysburg Anniversary , 1936 Norfolk Virginia Bicentennial , 1937 Roanoke Island North Carolina 350th Anniversary , 1937 Battle of Antietam Anniversary , 1938 New Rochelle New York 250th anniversary.


1946 Iowa Centennial , 1946 -1951 Booker T Washington Memorial , 1951-1954 Carver/Washington.


Thats it for the classics mate :ninja:

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