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Mintages - 1992 Barcelona "prueba" (pattern) coins

mark sharfman

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As part of the 1992 collection for the Barcelona Olympic Games the Spanish mint issued several "prueba" (pattern) coins. None of the reference books that I have checked show mintages. Does anyone happen to know how many of each of these coins was issued? I have scoured the internet and even called the FNMT Collector Coin office all to no avail.


Also, along the same lines, some of the "emblem" coins from this set (KM 859) were counter-stamped ""INUTILIZACION OCTUBRE 1992". Again, does anyone happen to know how many of these were done this way? If you do not know the answer to these questions, do you know who might? Any information you can provide will be appreciated.




mark sharfman


I have attached a photo of one of the Preuba coins and the counterstamped coin.



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