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17th century, probably the most varied century in the history of coinage


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and intesresting time reeally, with the transition between hammered and milled, some coins for the start of colonies in the new world, and a good mix of deisngs shapes and sizes between many countires, not all these are eurpoean but most are.


in the beginning... james I halfgroat from 1602, similar stype to coins that went around before, but with new designs for the first king of scotland+england


1620 (apparantly..) coin of the polish+lithuanian commonwealth, as you can see a design similar to coins from the previous century in england (coat of arms on reverse etc) and a similar metal. one of the late hammered issues


C.1625 farthing, first british coins to stray away from silver, these small copper pieces were low value to make as well as to spend, and the start of the farthing (there were farthings before but those were small silver pieces back in the 14th 15th centurys which are quite scarce)


1628 swedish 1/4 ore, interesting insofar as the coin is not acctually hammered or even milled, its cast hence the odd raised area near the date (metal has ran), still an interesting piece especially as the obverse style never really changed for many years afterwards

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charles I halfgroat, as you can see back toi the old silver coin with the coat of arms on, this is very late hammered


over to china for this Shih Tsu (Khubilai Khan) cash piece, from any time between 1644-61 start of the yuan period, interesting in this is a brass piece, other then that cash coins were minted for around 300 years later in exactly the same design and have been for over 1000 before, again a cast piece (and were until 1912)


1651 spanish copper cob, mainly used in the colonies (these are sometimes known as pirate cobs)by spain, these rather crudly struck coins are interesting if hard to idnetify


onto france, where there were many jettons used over this period many beutiful like this above one,there were coins minted, similar hammered coins to many european coutnrys at the time, although france seem to use a far few jettons.


back to spain for this C.1680 2 maravedis (i think) of charles II of spain, another big chunk of copper, these were well clipped mainly and acctually scarce.


1694 farthing, the start of the modern methods and designs of british coins, milled pieces made of copper, unusualy there are no pennies until 1797 but there are halfpennys like the below, only way you can tell denominations are by size


1697 halfpenny

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Wow , some real crackers there Scott :ninja: Me and Mrs B got stuck babysitting last night , today is clear the rec room for a Christmas tree and all the sticky jaggy fun that brings putting that up.

Once things settle down ill be up for photographing some of my own coins , ive several in transit and the mailman passed as i type depositing the mail..ohhh i hope i hope i hope...im expecting some mail ;)

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