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China - East Hopei coinage


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Not too sure about the history of these coins but it seemed at one period of time, these coins were struck in Japan. Here's an interesting link about Chinese puppet state coins: (pdf file by the way, right click and save)




Here are the coins:











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satootoko, I reckon it's the paranoia of counterfeit Chinese coins these few years as well as the increase of wealth within the general Chinese population. Genuine Chinese silver crowns have been commanding insane prices that I have never seen before and this is not a surprise considering the huge Chinese population as well as the communist history of melting down a lot of historically important coins.


In fact it seems a fair number of Chinese are inconfident of the coins sold within the country, they are much happier paying better prices from overseas in particular auction houses, believing that they are more likely to be genuine.


Also satootoko, care to share what's in your collection of Puppet State collection? I'm very interested to know. :ninja:

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