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Here is one I missed from the last post...



Charles II Penny


Now for the rest.....


Firstly a couple of nice Victorian Florins, I have been after one of the gothic florins for ages and have finally managed to get one for a reasonable price.



Victoria 1884 Gothic Florin



Victoria 1887 Florin



Here are a couple of early milled shillings, beautiful coins!



George II 1758 Shilling



William III 1697 Shilling



And a couple of Hammered Shillings...



James I Shilling 1604/05



Elizabeth I Shilling



And now one or two older coins, medieval and Saxon.




Henry VI Annulet Type Groat, 1420 to 1427



Aethelred II First Hand Type Penny



im not sure who this one is, if anyone knows id love to know!

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im not sure who this one is, if anyone knows id love to know!


Aethelred II styca of Northumbia's second reign with the moneyer Eardwulf. Well, at least that's what it looks like to me.

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Cheers Clive! You never fail when it comes to Anglo Saxon!


I prefer pennies, though. :grin:


You say you like the coins of Anne? You aren't becoming a milled convert are you?


I've always picked up the ocassional milled each year. I especially like the smaller pieces. Here is just one example of my Anne collection.

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I managed to loose my log in details so I have set up a new account.


I will hopefully have some more new additions to add soon!




I look forward to them!

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Hello guys,


It has been a while since I updated this thread but hoping to add more pictures soon.


In the meantime I have decided to start dealing a little as well as collecting so feel free to have a look at the website I have created:




Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as the site has only been up for a few days.



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