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Are there any catalogues for coins of the British Empire?

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There are quite a few catalogs that contain British Empire countries. Since I don't know much about you I'll mention a few that I know. If you already are aware of these or they're not inline with what you're looking for let us know.


Coincraft's Standard Catalog of English and UK Coin 1066 to Date

Spinks Coins of England

Krause World Coins

Rotographic Collectors' Coins of Great Britain


There are separate books for Scotland and Ireland - I don't remember the publisher on those. They should show up in a google search. A friend of mine has a nice book entitled "Coins of the British Empire" but I don't know the publisher or year. I have a few checklists copied from it.


Good luck on your quest and welcome to CoinPeople.

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The Coincraft Standard Catalogue seemed a little expensive to me (then again it was Amazon and I have seen some pretty ridiculous prices for books at that site). What I am interested in collecting is coins of British colonies in the Caribbean, Africa the Far East etc. less so than the British Isles themselves, I am looking for a relatively affordable catalogue, preferrably similar to the Charlton Standard Coin Catalogue's for Canadian coins. Is there much hope in finding one or should I instead be looking for seperate national catalogues?

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Remembered now.


"The guide book and catalogue of British Commonwealth coins, 1649-1971" by J. Remick


His collection was sold about 2 years ago, lots of interesting stuff.


Yes, the book is very outmoded, but I don't know of anyone who's done a more recent version. Overall, it's good if you're interested in having everything together in one book, and not concerned about modern values.

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