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coin from bavaria? or elsewhere?


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from what i can gather from the legend,


Ernest of Bavaria, 1581-1612

and the coat of arms backs that up, BUT the word lossensis on the reverse is french as is BAVARIE, now i know there were links to belgium and france, but i havn't seen anything listed with the obverse legend BAVARIE (its all BAVARIA)

i know there were belgian coins minted in his name, but the only one i saw (12 sols) looks to be similar but had no portrait anywhere, which this does


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Here's a Wiki article about Ernest of Bavaria: Wiki article on Ernest of Bavaria. Under the Holy Roman Empire he was Prince Elector-Archbishop of Cologne and later of Liège. A German ruler with titles in Bavaria and what is today Belgium (which explains the Comes Lossensis). I think your coin is a liard, but I have yet to find a good picture...

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