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Round 2 - Hammered/Hammered - Group 5

Which do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which do you prefer?

    • Henry III Penny
    • Æthelstan Penny

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Coinpeople presents the Second Season of the British Popular Coin Idol, in association with the Imperial Bank of Coinpeople. Same rules apply as usual, which do you prefer?



Auldfartte's Henry III 1216-1272 Long Cross Penny











Æþeling's 924-939 Æðelstan Anglo-Saxon penny?



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It technically requires two specials if spelt correctly.


All in capitals then it should be;


ÆÐELSTAN (Æ = alt + 146) i forget the shortcut for Ð so i had to copy and paste that.


In lower case it's either;


Æðelstan (ð = alt + 0240) or Æþelstan (þ = 0254).



The 'thorn' (þ) and the 'eth'/'edh' (ð) is replaceable with 'th', although as someone once pointed out where's the logic in replacing one rune when another 'Æ' remains? You might as well either replace both with modern letters 'Ae', and 'th', or leave both intact.


Æðelstan is also often spelt as Athelstan, with the first e missing. All those spellings are acceptable. Generally the 'Athelstan' variety is the most encountered. In contrast to Æthelred where the Ethelred variant has largely gone out of fashion as the Æ variant has returned as part of the new shift to making things more historically accurate and less influenced by modern ideas of what it should be like.

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