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Peace dollars - SOLD

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I've got two albums containing a total of 27 Peace dollars for sale in another thread, I'm lowering the price if you buy both lots to what amounts to $18.00/coin across the board and shipping. The two lots below for $500.00 shipped to US addresses. PM me if interested.


Original postings:



Whitman bookshelf album with Peace dollars - $250 delivered to US adresses for the group


1922 MS63

1922-D VF

1922-S XF

1923 MS63 VAM-1J

1923-D XF obverse cuts in rim

1923-S AU nice toning

1924 MS63

1924-S AU

1925 AU

1926-D VF

1926-S VF

1927 AU subdued, strange iridescent toning




Another Whitman bookshelf album of Peace dollars - $335 delivered to US addresses for the group


1922 MS63

1922-D AU

1922-S AU

1923 AU

1923-D XF

1923-S AU/UNC.

1924 MS63/64

1924-S AU

1925 MS60

1926 MS63/64 VAM-4A

1926-S MS60 blotchy toning

1927 AU scratch in tiara

1927-D XF

1934 unc details, appears to be whizzed

1935 unc details, another one that appears to be lightly whizzed

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