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I know nothing of serial numbers


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Does the fact that it only has two different numbers add to the value?



With only two different numbers, it depend on the position of these number. If they are arrange as something like this 90909090, then this is known as repeaters. This is a double digits repeater or 2 digits repeater. This depend on whether people collect them. If they like it, they will purchase it. Usually, they are not so expensive.


The highest level of fancy number collecting is solid number. This is single digit repeaters such as 111111, 222222, 333333.... USA and the rest of the world called them solid number while Canadian collectors prefer to call them single digit radar since radar are widely collected by Canadian collectors.


There is also another group of fancy number collecting which is quite popular. These are known as low serial number. The most popular one is the first number of the series e.g. 00000001.


Asian collectors ( China, HK, Singapore, Taiwan ) prefer to collect lucky numbers such as 8888888, 000328, 000168, 000028, 000088 etc.

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So... how can I best go about selling it?



You could start by listing it here in the CoinPeople advertising thread. Then there's always ebay or Heritage Auctions or coinbug, just to name a few.


Good Luck with your sale, whatever method you choose.

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