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1982 Large Date Struck through Die cap I found in change

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Hello everyone. I found this coin one day while I was going through some change I had. I really didn't know much about it until I did some research and found out what it was called and that it was an error from the mint. I have it in a protective coin sleeve now. Don't know how much it is worth or if I should send it off to get it slabbed or what. Like I said I am a newbie at error coin collecting. If any of you professional guys have any info you would like to share with me about my coin, PLEASE feel free to. Thanks...And Hello from your newest member. zaxfire69







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Welcome to CP, zaxfire. My first guess was a filled die error (the die used to strike the coin was covered in grease or something similar). But the second figure has some beautiful flow lines (they look like rays coming out of Abe's heart). That is something I only see with really worn dies but is probably not the case here.


I'm by no means an expert with error coins. I'll be interested in seeing what others say.

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Thanks Deadpoint. The closest picture of could find of this coin was this picture.




But like you said it looks like there are tiny ray like streaks coming from the middle of the coin going outward. Looks real cool. I am not sure what kind of error this is, but for sure it isn't right. Never seen a coin like it.

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Here is an image of a die cap:

CP entry on die caps


If it is a die cap, then it probably commands a few dollars at most. If it was as dramatic as the one in that thread, then it would be worth significantly more.


If it is a filled die or some other struck through error, then it is probably worth a dollar or two.


Keep it, regardless of what it is. In all my years of collecting, I've never found an error that dramatic (or at all)!

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