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My Wife and I often go to antique fairs/shows etc together, whilst I look for medals and other antiques that interest me she looks for old quilts, cross-stitch & sewing paraphernalia.


I had finished looking for my stuff so joined her at a stall with mostly fabric & to amuse myself dug through a bin full of old silk hankies whilst she was buying something. I spotted a very bright red silk & asked the vendor how much, "$5 please" he said.


As I have a couple of medals from this 1893 Exibition I thought it would make a good display to combine the silk with them, the pic does not do full justice to the condition of it as the flash washed some of the colour out.




Mabel Johnston must have visited the exhibition & had her name sewn on the hankie & then stored it away, it is in quite lovely condition for being made in 1893.

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WOW! That was sitting in a pile of hankies?! Someone could have blown their nose on that, a wonderful artifact of an event that still reverberates through history.

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As to the warning "viewer discretion advised' I thought some of you old fellows might not have seen 'lady's red silk' for so long the shock might be too much.





A brilliant acquisition, good work! I bet your wife's jealous... ;)

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