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A Silver Lining to a payPoo Problem


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payPoo and fleeceBay managed to ding both my bank account and - my credit card for the same transaction - the account is one I use only for payPoo and it went negative, with all the resultant fees - even though I have a credit card on there and actually checked the credit card box. So they fleeced my charge card, then my bank with the same transaction. So I had to pay off the bank to shut them up, and going after the credit card to reverse the payPoo charge..


I am closing the payPoo account which means goodbye fleeceBay too.


So whilst I was paying the teller for the overdraft I smelled silver in her coin tray on the counter, I couldn't bear to ask her for the "silver halves" but asked for the ones dated before 1970, got a 1967 and a 1968-D. First silver in a few months for me, an' all the nicer what with silver ascending in price once the mores.

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