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10 kopeeks


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I picked this one up recently. Looks to me that the usual SPB mintmark is misleading. I believe the coin was made in Odessa on Malaya Arnautskaya street ;)



and sold on Deribasovskaya avenue :ninja:

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Actually Deribasovskaya is higher rent district, but seriously I have seen this type of stuff for sale on Potemkin Steps. That is the place to buy all the klitchy Soviet junk - for sale mostly to tourists. Deribasovskaya is less business now compared to 7-8 years ago, economy problems hit Ukraine hard.

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From one of my favourite websites...




(hold the left mouse button down and pan around)

I lived were one block from Deribasovskaya then I was child, righ up front from "Sobornaya Ploshad'"small park on the image.

By the way on the corner Hotel "Passage" inside was book store and then was fire in early 1900’ more then 75 books of Buryachkov was destroy. Book was published in 1884 Odessa printed 150 books “Elinskie Kolonii” One of the best numismatic books for Black Sea region.


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