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Is this coin for real?


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Hello Everybody - Im new to coin collecting and would like some advice (as i know next to nothing about this subject).


I have purchased a coin: 1 Pice Coin From Bengal Presidency of Calcutta - 1831


I would like to know how I can tell if its for real or if someone could tell me from looking at a picture of it I would really apppreciate it.




Thank you for your time.




Abdul Mumin

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Thank you for clarifying. Is there somewhere on the net I can look up more information about this coin? e.g. translation. Thank you again.

If your interest is in Islamic coins, a good reference book is essential. I would recommend Stephen Album's book (I think it is called "A checklist of Islamic coins"). You should be able to get it via Amazon. The Krause-Mischler "standard catalog" is OK, but you can go crazy trying to attribute an Islamic coin with it unless you have a good idea where (as in what country) to look. Also, Album gives more details about what the various symbols and inscriptions mean.

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