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Oh, irony.


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Today is my birthday, and one of my best friends gave me a copy of the 2010 Blackbook, since she said I shouldn't be going off my old 2001 Red Book anymore. I took a quick flip through it, and I immediately noticed that a few pages seemed to be folded over in the book. I opened up those pages to fix them, but I noticed that the pages were actually fed into the book incorrectly, cutting off the bottom inch of the page and leaving an inch of extra space above them.


Now, the great irony of this: affected were pages 53-84... the entire section on "Errors and Varieties." I just love life's little ironies. :ninja:

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Is it actually worth more? I've only ever seen two books that were misprinted (one was a return at my work where the pages were printed off-center). I assumed that those books were worth standard retail price, if not less because books are sold for the information inside of them, and are not usually inspected as rigorously as coins are.


But my friend will be incredibly happy to know if the book she bought me is actually a collectible. :ninja:

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