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Super hot Australian coins off for sale! 2005

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Just minted *VERY* recently, as I am speaking of, the coins that I have were just minted in a matter of hrs after I typed this out. I have seen these coins minted MANUALLY right in front of my eyes!


The link is as follows:




Price of the coin and packaging is around 2.5USD, and postage from here to anywhere is just 2USD. (paypal users will have to add an extra 50 cents :ninja: )


But nevertheless, I will be taking pictures and video footage of the coin striking if possible (I got their permission) and I will be going back tomorrow to get some. You will be receiving them too if I managed to get them.


I have some of them already striked beforehand, as in, what you see on the Australian mint homepage (coin and packaging) and I have about 10 of those. However, if you really want "ULTRA" fresh striked coins, because you would know when they are striked (as in the exact time and date); please kindly reply here that you are interested. Note, I might have to charge slightly higher because there is a limit to how many I can order at once. But yes, I will record down the specific time and date of when exactly the coins will be striked. Note that there will not be any fancy packaging, just the coin itself.


Hurry!!! I only have today and tomorrow to get a list of people!!! I will try to reserve at least 5 of these coins but note that they are pretty difficult to do. If I happen to run out of these coins... I can offer you what the mint is offering at the moment...

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Actually, it's a S mark, to show that it is minted in Sydney. The reason why Australia is minting such commemorative coins is to commemorate some of the soldiers who died there in WWI. Pretty interesting.


There is going to me 2 other mintmarks if I am not wrong, but yes, I will be witnessing the minting of such coins right in front of my eyes. :ninja:

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Silly me ;) , I was definately tired yesterday.


Here is the full article about it:




Appearently, what was done is that the mintmark "S" is struck at the coin fair.


So... if you are still interested, I will be sending the coin(s).


I apologize for my awful silly mistake, it just happened that I took a brief look at it and had to run out as I had other things to do. :ninja:


Nevertheless, I will be purchasing some for interested people here.

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Here is a spoiler! ;)




Price finalized: 5USD, (sorry, a bit more than what I have expected :ninja: ) and add 50cents if you are going to use PayPal. I will start pming interested users my payment account details and imgs and videos of what I have taken. ;)


Edit: They all come in a mini folder too! A sample of it is on this page:


Link here

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