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Thought I did this earlier ....

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After an almost 40 year leave of absence from numismatics to raise a family, I have retired and returned to an old love. Only thing I actively collect at this time is Vermont Broken Bank Notes. I have in the past gotten a lot of Canadian Coins and especially Pre Confederation tokens, Odd & Curious (Primitive types of money) and Medals.


At one time worked for a private mint (Lombardo Mint - Sherbrooke QC Canada), selling Appolo XI medallions. Got to travel to many coin conventions that year, meeting many interesting people including leading Dealers of that time.


Best advice to a new collector: Love what you collect and collect for the sheer enjoyment. Buying coins for investment can lead to great disappointment without KNOWLEDGE which can only be gained from experience. If you collect for enjoyment of a particular series you will probably end up with a gain at the end especially if you also acquire for Quality. If it ain't fun ... Don't do it! Can't loose that way!


Best regards

Ed Jones

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