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1 ERA Narva city SWEDISH occupation
I believe you mean 1 Ore. If you had mentioned that the country occupied was Estonia, it would have saved me considerable time in locating your coin. Estonia is, of course, a Baltic State.


Most Narva coins are listed without pictures in my 1999 2d Ed. of the Krause catalog's 17th Century Ed., but your coin appears to be the KM#2.1 variety, the only one of the 5 listed which does not have the "LN" initials of Moneyer Lewin von Numers, or palm branches, below the arms.


The catalog value information is based on the grade of the coin on the Sheldon Scale. As used in the catalog for older coins:

  • VG - Very Good - Well worn with features clear and bold, but flat.
  • F - Fine - Moderate to considerable heavy wear, bold design with pleasing appearance
  • VF - Very Fine - Light to moderate wear, major details clear, lettering sharp
  • XF - Extremely Fine - Light wear, all features sharp and well defined, possible trace of mint luster

There are, of course, additional higher and lower grades, which are not priced in the catalog.


Personally, I would grade your coin as G - Good - Heavily worn, design visible but faint, flat design. That extrapolates to a value between 40-60% of the VG value. In my 10-year-old edition VG is valued at $20, so I would estimate yours to have been worth ~$8-12 in 1999. I have no idea what has happened to prices of coins from that region in the ensuing decade.


Bullion value, of course, is no indicator of numismatic value in this instance, since the coin is listed as "silver" with no indication of fineness or weight, but obviously contains much less pure silver than the 31.06g of a troy ounce. Try searching the Heritage auction site, or ebay closed auctions, for Narva coins to get a more up-to-date valuation guesstimate.


In any event, a nice find on a metal detecting expedition.

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