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Greetings to all of you!


My name is Alex and I'm from Romania. My passion for foreign coins and banknotes was reborn a few days ago, after about 10 years of neglecting my small numismatic collection. However, now I'm determined to start anew and to make a collection of which even my grandchildren would be proud (I'm not even a father, so imagine that...).


These days I'm rather busy with work, but sometimes in the near future I'll spend a few hours on this forum, to learn more about all this.

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Well, the 250 Gulden banknote is very beautiful, but it seems to be pretty expensive ($300 on eBay). Do you think I could find it at a better price?




P.S.: I'm rather interested in modern coins and banknotes rather than in ancient ones. This does not mean that I don't appreciate their history.

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