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Some of My Roll Find's!

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Nice finds

1st one is a rolling machine damage & the other won't enlarge

Hm,I'll try to fixem' I'm new with the pix so bare with me.LoL

Rolling machine damage...hm.keeper or tosser? :ninja: Thanx!

I'll try to get all my pix in one album,lot's more but just not certain yet if they are keeper's!

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You can get a nice free album from flickr that will allow you to load large photos and them post them here in various sizes.


Flickr photo site

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I am gonna scoot right over here in the corner and bawl my eye's out then I'll brb!!!LoL

I have had album's @ facebook,myspace,mypa,picassa,you name it and today i am just having a horrible time at it......LoL I have even typed this in CAPS 3 times..grrrrrrrrr I had an album i worked on for 2 month's.all nice and orderly and woke up to the big ole blue screen of death one day and lost everything in my pc plus the money in my billfold to fix it........I guess it's just one of them there days!!Lol

Well,it makes sense now..Roosie? You gotta look over me! I'm ole & decrepit!

LoL But thanks,I will try flickr now!!

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