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Malaysia 1968 10c old coin with worst die crack error ever discovered?HELP PLEASE.

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Hi again,Here is a piece of Malaysia 1968 old 10c coin which I found in my collection.Fortunely,it is an error coin and I believe this is a die crack error coin,the most traumatic or worst die crack that I have ever seen so far in my whole life,correct me if Im wrong.On obverse side,the crack went through part of the 10c value with two crack holes on the side of the rim at 10 o'clock.On reverse side,the crack went through the malaysia parlimen house(broke into two parts)and the moon with the same crack holes at 2 o'clock this time.This cracked happend to be the same but in opposite way on obverse and reverse sides of this coin(both sides).Im very sure this cracks are not damages becouse the crack parts and holes do not shine at all on both sides(if this is a damage parts,it would shine on the crack part and the holes underneath the white bright line from what I know) and I swear to god I have never used anything to make this crack appeared for sure.Unfortunely,Im not too sure if this error is considered as die crack error or not.Is this possible a crack clash,break or chip?Otherwise,possible an unique error coin?Im totally out of my mind when I looked at this error.Anyway,I need help from the coin expert to tell me what kind of error coin is this and also what happened to this coin during the processing by that time.Another question is this a common or rare error?Please answer all my question,your help and opinion are needed,help is always apprieiciated from me.Please check out this items showing on the superlarge scans below and let me know what you think.Thank you for reading and viewing this,I will see you soon,goodbye.:clapping:unsure: :ninja:








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A die crack would produce a raised line where the metal flows into the crack. A cracked planchet would show some effect from being deformed in the striking process.

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