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Pattern coins / tokens for Armenia struck by Leningrad Mint?


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I got two "coins" as shown here and didn't quite understand what the passage means




There is one coin that commemorated the 1988 Spitak Earthquake (back when Armenia was part of the USSR)




What I don't quite get is, why would there be something struck three years after the event - was there another earthquake event or this is part of Leningrad mint's trial samples? :ninja:


The same eagle design would be used later in the first Armenia commemorative silver coin:



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The earthquick was there once and depicted with date on 3 rubles CCCP.


What they tried to explained on its link that later there was a luiquidation of consequence of earthquick which took another few years and these were awarded to earthquick participants; it says that these are patterns.


Then followed just Armenian issued as well listed as patterns just regular Armenian series and date 1918 as its independence.


And another series all patterns from Armenian American diaspora.


I hope it helps in your question.


As always, :ninja:

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Ok, thanks for the rough explaination.


By the way, what does this line mean?


Металл: латунь (unc, 17.996(25) г, 2000 экз.), никель (unc, 17.108(25) г, 2000 экз.), никель (пруф, 17.245(25) г, 2000 экз.)


I understand that there are three different types, one struck in brass, the other two struck in nickel - in both UNC and proof condition.


What does the 17.996(25), 17.108(25) and 17.245(25) means? I was thinking they all weigh 25 grams but I don't understand what the 17.xxx meant.

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Ok, thanks for the rough explaination.


in my dictionary "rough" means that you are not happy with my answer to you,

did you mean that ? or what did you mean saying thanks for rough explanation? :ninja:

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