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Just wanted to Introduce myself,I thought I had but I can't find it..LoL

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But anyhoo,It's good to find yall,I have only been a cherrypicker for alil over a yr. now but I've got the disease now!

Lincoln's are my passion,I search around usually 25$ worth a day and you know how it is at 1st..I thought OMG is this beginner's luck or what??...ROFL but soon the feeling was "Oman i was certain i'd hit the jackpot......LoL Which makes me look even harder! But all in all,It's fun!!

Hope yall don't mind but i usually use the large font's because I'm blind in one eye and can't see outta the other one!

But it's good to meet ya and I look forward to many OMG'S and Oman's with yas!

Cathy :ninja:

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A very warm welcome to you Cathy! :ninja:


Good to see a cherrypicker here, there are real niceties to be had in change some times.

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