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Japan type set - Dansco 7460 (warning - plenty of images)


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This is a real album, not some digital album that I used to feature other coins.


I just received this coin album and the coins inside are shocking. All of them except the Trade dollar looks to be genuine and have great eye appeal. (duh genuine Japanese trade dollar coins in undamaged condition are 4 figure coins). I happened to have a damaged trade dollar coin which I replaced later so it's no loss for me. The toughest I reckon is the 1870, 1871 coins which I had real difficulties. I have never seen these many high grade coins in one place and it's a crazy feat by itself!


Some might wonder why bother buying the whole lot as it removes the thrill. Trust me, I thought it was fun but it turns out to be REALLY frustrating. The added bonus to this is, this Dansco 7460 album is quite old and is clearly out of print. For instance Emperor Hirohito (Showa) passed away back in 1989 is just dated as "1926 - " in the book. There is also no hole for a 500 yen coin which was first struck in 1982. Therefore I am certain that it couldn't have been produced any later than 1982, definitely not in the 90s which makes this album older than I am! Dansco might want to reconsider reproducing this album as there is a demand for this album. Needless to say, I love this album at first sight.


Ok enough talk and here is the list of coins:















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Very nice album and collection. I'm guessing it's one of those things where they need a certain level of sales before they'll produce an album.

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Thanks Art.


Here are some of the better coins from the first page:










Turns out the scarce 1870 yen looks like a possible contemporary counterfeit?




I am slowly photographing the coins when I have the time. Please feel free to view the rest of the coins at omnicoin: http://www.omnicoin.com/user_view.aspx?id=gxseries

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Hi, gxseries - I'm in the site now, so won't be needing the address after all. Good stuff - I'm sure the Meiji-3 One Yen is good, just unusual to see one so heavily worn. It came discounted from Jeff Zarit in Dallas probably ten years ago and our conclusion at the time was that it had been a "pocket piece" - likely carried around as a good luck charm by an old Japan sailor like myself! Good question on why Dansco discontinued printing this particular album ... they are still very much in business and likely came down to supply v. demand: they had to look at production costs if people weren't asking for it. The Trade Dollar is, *ahem*, fake as the proverbial 3-dollar bill ... what you might call a hole-filler!

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