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weimar coins, any good info on mintages


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cant find much about the general coins (not notsgeld) of the weimar republic, i obtained this one, and can only find limited prices for UNC but A mint. not sure of dresden is rare


It is rare. Mintage two thousand pieces. According to my Money Trend magazine, it 's value is 90 euro for VF, 400 euro for XF, 600 euro for AU, and 800 euro for UNC.


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HOLY only 2000?

i got that in a bulk buy of 23 coins for £2.99 which already had 1 nazi zinc a 1942 B 50 pfennig and a hindenburg and some random post 1950 (23 in total)

no wonder i couldn't find anything on it, i am very pleased


I'm sorry to break this to you - but there are two varieties for 1922E - the coin without the legend around the eagle is rare (KM #28). Yours is KM #29 (the type with the legend). Mintage 11,250,000, values at 20 cents in F, $7 in BU.

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