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I don't like the looks of this one ... the digits in the date seem to have the wrong style or shape, and the trumpet seems too long:

10 Kopeks 1762 (no dots)


Anyone? :ninja:

there are more than a dozen pieces listed in new catalog of coins Peter III by Rucollect.ru and this one is very nice one ;)

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OK, here are some more pictures for comparison:


Brekke collection sale, WWC (Jim Elmen)

From upper left to bottom right, these are Brekke 14, 15 and two 17's:



Coin image from Elmen sale 19 (scan provided by RW Julian):



eBay auction (seller = zassestonia), just finished: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=180410773382


I'm not 100% convinced, though ... another thing that bothers me is that the Nudelman coin looks like it was painted, and there is almost nothing of the undercoin to be seen (if any -- maybe due to the paint job). :ninja: Here are the images of the Nudelman auction coin again for comparison:


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Looks like somebody(or somebodies) had a very nice collection, now being sold.

Indeed ... lots of "drool material" over there! :ninja:


This may be a stupid question, but is this an auction, or a fixed price sale? I cant tell by the website.

I found it on sixbid.com, so I assume that it is an auction.

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