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Armenia Hetoum II seated kardez


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I need help to identify this coin from Armenia? I want to have a corect identification of the Armenien ruler that have isued this coins.


I think it's a Hetoum II seated kardez. It is a AE and have 22 mm.




Hi 'cristoph', interesting coin. It is indeed an Armenian coin, but I'm not sure which ruler it's under. Although I can recognise Armenian text, I can't read it, and thus can't tell which ruler the coin was issued for. Plus, the weak striking makes it more difficult to ID. I'm pretty sure though this is for the Kingdom of Armenia (1198-1375 AD), because it had a slightly more refined strike. Coins from the Baronial of Armenia (1080-1198 AD) were often cruder. The denomination you have is either a Pough or a Tank which were stuck in copper. Trams and Double Trams were made of silver. Sorry I couldn't be of more help, but I hope it's something.


Here's a link to a site that deals in coins from Cilician Armenia (Baronial and Kingdom) which I hope will be useful: http://mehmeteti.150m.com/armenians/index.htm

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