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2009 collector coin

Sir Sisu

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This year's silver collector coin has changed denomination from €10 to €20. The novelty for this coin is that it is a hole or -thematically speaking- a window in it.


press release




i'm not sure what to think. the appearance is certainly distinctive, but call me weird because i like my nclt to look like it *could* circulate ... and that coin would never see the light of day. those who recognized it as a coin would snatch it up and keep it ...

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I think it is a neat looking piece, though in general I'm not a fan of novelty for novelty's sake.


Of all the Mint's euro denominated collector products (gold and silver commems, proof and bu's, mint sets proof sets, etc), I have stopped collecting all of them except for the bu silver commems. But now with this issue, it might be stops for me completely. If the Mint does away with the €10 issue and in the future continues only with the €20 (retails at €30 more than the €10-commem!), I can't justify to myself that kind of money on a collector coin. I'd rather be using that on my silver crown collection.

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