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Japanese Invasion Notes


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I'm not an expert on these, but a quick search turned up that the first one is from Micronesia/Oceania.


The second one is probably from the Philippines.


The third one is from the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia today).


During the second World War, most European powers had their entire forces focused on Hitler and Mussolini in Europe, and Japan seized the opportunity to invade and conquer a great number of smaller, less defensible island territories. Many territories fell within days of the initial invasion, and Japan replaced their currency with these special "Invasion Bank notes." Initially, Japan earned the support of the natives by championing itself as the "liberators" from the European oppression, but quickly proved to be no better than their predecessors. After the war came to an end, many of these colonies firmly demanded independence, and it was granted to a great many of them.


More information:



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These are interesting notes and certainly carry a significant history with them. I think the one pound note is pretty common. I hadn't seen the Phillipines note before.

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