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Info Wanted: French Music Medal??

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Hi folks,


A friend has brought me an old silver medal about two inches around.


The front shows a woman in classical dress, seated with a lyre (no front inscription)


The back does have an inscription...


Around outer edge:

Hommage Du Bon Ladoucette Depute



Ardennes Chateau Porcier

De 11 Juliet

Societe De Musicale De



Anyone have any clue what this medal was for? I can see it was about some "musical society" but that's about it.


Any info would be appreciated!






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These are usually prize medals given to students. If it's silver, there should be an edge mark --can you see it?


Château-Porcien is a commune in the Ardennes. Eugène de Ladoucette was a député from the Ardennes between 1852 and 1877. link

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