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1820 - Marmontel (1723-1799), France.

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1820 - Marmontel (1723-1799), France.


40.5mm - Details


"Galerie Metallique Des Grands Hommes Francais, A large series of medals produced over many years by leading medallists of the day. They were struck mainly between 1816 and 1826 although there are some issued after 1826 and as late as 1838. All the medals were produced with a portrait of the celebrated person with simple biographical information on the reverse. The date of issue being dated simply in arabic numerals. These medals were very much restruck at later dates and are obvious by their edge markings denoting metal and period markings. The series is extensive and difficult to complete least of all because it is hard to find a reference listing all the medals. La Medaille Francaise Au XIX Siecle et l'Histoire by Jean-Pierre Collignon details 119 medals allocated to the series..."


From Historical Medals, a dealer I've had the pleasure to purchase from many times in the past. These used to be cheap. Sigh...

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I love the details on his... collar? His hair also seems especially well done, but I don't know why.


It's a wig!!!! :ninja: And that's good aristocratic lace on his collar... I love this series, too. One tends to find these medals in very good condition, and it's fun to look up just who these people were. I had no idea who Marmontel was. Here's his Wiki article: Marmontel link


A writer, a philosopher, a member of the Académie Française, all this and good hair, too.

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Different series but the same comments roughly apply including the hair, wig etc. Bronze 42mm by Caque 1821 series editor Durand


This one only has MONACHII on the edge, has have all the others I have seen. Monachii = Munich.


Jean (de) La Fontaine (1621-1695) was a famous french fabulist & poet.


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Very nice! I suspect the general downturn in demand (after Napoleon) for talented engravers led to these two series as well as Mudie's.

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