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Unknown Moroccan coin

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It's a falus all right, but not from Morocco - it's from the Mamluk dynasty that ruled the Egypt/Syria region in the medieval ages. The reverse (right hand image) reads "sanahy ahad wa arb'yn" (year 741). This fits only Balog# 267. (Paul Balog is the great old numismatist when it comes to Mamluk coins). The obverse of Balog# 267 reads "zarb bi-Dimishq" (struck at Damascus). I can't actually read those letters on your coin, because the obverse is unclear, but it has to be the same on yours. Thus, it was minted at Damascus in AH741/1341AD. No ruler is indicated on the coin, but Balog attributes it to al-Mansur Sayf al-Din abu Bakr, who ruled in AH741-742 (1341AD).

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It's certainly a dirhem of al-Nasir Nasir el-Din Hassan (1347-51 and 1354-61). The reverse inscription is arranged like this:


la ilah illa Allah

Mohammed rasul Allah

arsalahu bilhady


This fits only Balog# 326 (1st reign) and 367 (2nd reign) (and also 366 and perhaps 365, but in those cases the obverse legend is arranged differently). Of course, not all varieties are listed in the catalog. Note the obverse legend "Hassan bin m...". This is either "Hassan bin Mohammed" or "Hassan bin mawlana". The margin above "la ilah illa Allah" (the top line on the left hand image) looks blank to me - if there is actually something up there, it's probably a mint name. (Feel free to send a high-resolution scan).


Problems with reading important parts of the inscription is a common problem with these dirhams. Thats why I like the coppers better :ninja:


If there are any more of these, bring 'em up.

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