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The Silver US "War Nickel" 5 Cent Coins

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Just browse some in the web.


there a lots of project US mada in WWII from oil pipeline to gasoline.


There are some in China some Canada and the pipiline from USA to GB.


from 4 inch to 6 inch.


othere pipe burst due to pressure,maybe thats why its challenging and latter lead the advancement of pipeline and they did use a copper like arc welding or technoogy and other technology develope.


Not seen any records how many tons of metal they used.


Didnt know if the communication wire from france to USA was damage after dunkirk or france fell.


Or the communication or telegraph or cable line from US to GB.


Or they install another one.


But no record of contractor and tons of metal used.


But its in the web that electrical wire was made of steel due to lack of copper.

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