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Soviet occupations Banknotes


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Hi all,


Recently I have got two banknotes from Hungary 1944 - 100 and 20 Pengo. I bought them because they were Army notes while the Soviets occupide Hungary in the WW II.


I would like to know more about these nots please, if anyone can help I would be glad ;)


I know that these note are 2 from a serie of notes that starts at 1 Pengo up to 1,000 Pengo - can anyone direct me to a place where I can find the other notes and some more info.


Can you help me to understand the writing on the notes - what do they mean? and how can I tell by looking at the note that this is an Army note of the USSR? can some one translate the sentances n the note please ;)


I would be glad to know if there are more notes from Hungary that were USSR army notes? I have found that 1944 is a year that there were notes in Hunga that were belong to the Soviet occupation.


Are there any others?


I'm intersted in other Soviet occupations Banknotes from other countries if there are others I would be glad to know.


Please can some one direct me to a place where I can find these notes please? ;)

I would be happy to see all other notes from Soviet Union while they occupide other countries at World War II (1939-1945).

If there are some earlier banknotes of Soviet Occupations I would be glad to know also.


One last thing ;)


I would be glad to know if there are RARE notes in Hungary Notes of 1944 and also Rare ones from other countries.

Can you help me with the info of which more countries were occupied by Soviet's Army and have banknotes



could not upload my files to this forum :ninja:









Thanks for your help :D




Please help: I can't upload my files to the forum, is there a reason for that? they are at a size of 100kB each (small ones) and it say:

Upload failed. The file was larger than the available space with a big white X on red box. - Why?

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Hi there,

These "Hungarian" notes came out in 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 & 1000 pengo denominations. The text on them can be translated as: (up) "the headquarters of the red army

(middle) has to be accepted for/with all payments

(down) counterfeiting it will be punished in accordance with martial law"

For obvious reasons, they are not too popular with Hungarian collectors.

The basic types are not worth much, perhaps 1-10 bucks in UNC (With the exception of the 1000 pengo - it's very roughly $ 50-70 . There are some rare types, though, - here are just a few:

20 pengo without prefix & serial number ($ 100-200???)

20 & 50 pengo with black prefix & serial (normally red) ($ 100-200???)

20 & 50pengo with green pref & serial

Unfortunately, I cannot suggest You a good site for these notes, though I suppose there must be...

Hope I could help somewhat :ninja:

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Soviet forces issued occupation notes for Romania, Bulgaria, HUngary, Czechoslovakia, Poland, China- Manciuria, and also prinded notes used by the goverment of Yugoslavia.

the rarest of them all are the Romanian ones, then Manciurian and Polish ones( two spelling types). Also Czech ones w/o perforation are a little bit scarce. Also Hungarian 1 pengo with serial # and 20 pengo w/o # are scarce...

Also Soviet Goznak issued a 1 reichmark 1945 for Austria that circulated a little bit. A discussion should be held about the 25 shilling Allierte MIlitarbehorde- it is a rumor that the rarity of it must be explain by the fact that the plates used were given to the soviets and they printed some. Due to political problems, the issue of this notes was stopped in favour of the 20 and 50 sh.

and dont forget that the German notes Forbes type w/o the small F were printed by the soviets using the negatives from Forbes. But the americans kept the glass positives- with the small F-. Anyhow, the soviet notes for Germany are a little bit common the the ones printed by the americans.

and don't forget the GDR series of 48-49 also printed by the soviets, series that i consider a occupation one and not a free state.

So, who want to collect the Soviet occupation notes have a large variety of themes. I know that i tried and was hard- now i quit that.

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printed in 1944

values: 5, 10, 20, 100, 500, 1000, 5000 lei

5000 lei is the rarest romanian banknote and his value is about 3500-8000 euro.


Could You please put up a photo of the other side of the banknote? Are the other Rumanian Red Army banknotes valuable, too? :ninja:

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yes, all this banknotes are expensive. the 5, 10 and 20 lei bills are less rare one of these are sold betven 30 euro (VF) to 100-200 euro (aUNC) if you are interesed about them purchase the catalogue edited by me. send me a private mesage if u are interesed.

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