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The Forgotten US Mint


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I got the ANA Newsletter today and there was a terrific article written by Cole Schenewerk who has been selected as the ANA YN of the Year for 2009. Congratulations to Cole. The article was very interesting and quite well done. I won't place the whole article here because I'm not sure of the ANA policy on such things. I've pulled the intro paragraph to give you a feel for the neat information. I'll ask for permission to copy the whole article here.


America's Forgotten Mint

by Cole Schenewerk


We usually separate branches of the United States Mint into two categories: active branches and extinct branches. The "active" class today contains San Francisco, Denver, Philadelphia and West Point. The "extinct" group includes New Orleans, Carson City, Dahlonega, and Charlotte. But there is one other, lesser known mint branch that existed outside the continental United States: the Manila Mint in The Philippines. This seldom-thought-of branch operated during U.S. occupation of the Philippines which lasted from 1898 to 1946, with one brief lapse during WWII.



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Was not aware of it. I was under the impression that all the Philippine coinage was struck at U.S. mints.


I had the same impression but it seems that I was incorrect. I have a bunch of the silver coins but they're all US Mints.

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What mintmark was used for manilla?


It appears that from the opening of the mint in 1920 until 1925 no mintmark was used, the same as on the Philadelphia coins. In 1925 an M mintmark was added. Coins were produced at Manila until the Japanese invasion in 1942. The Manila mint was destroyed by bombing in 1944.

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Just posting.


Aguinaldo captured in 1898 just below this article.




Authorized manila mint coin in 1902.


coinage act pass in 1903.


first coin minted 1903,no mint mark Philidelpia.


Also no mint mark for Manila mint.


1920 and 1921 no mint mark which mint?


Also the 1903 onwards also no mint mark.


Die came from Philadelpia minted in Manila?


for erroe hunters for future ref.




For historian and metal detector.

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We can pushed it back the history of minting and circulation for future ref.


As time goes by mints a getting more organize.


Cross post.


from 1812.




From the used of token in pre colonial to post colonial.


From hoards of coin left by the roman during a battle in the unchanttered region behind the river rhine.


Every transistion there is always a story in it.


So as the placing of a coin in the foundation.


Its a mint I dont know if they put a coin in it.


Seen a article that MD got a pattern from an early new orlean mint.


Also an expert post that one of foundation a ruin US mint have a coin in it.


Also during the time of cory during the time they hunting for treasure in the Philippines they allowed someone to search almost everywher and they drill the fort santiago by a jack hammer no gold found but as far I can remember they got 2 or 3 piece of coin deep in the foundation of the fort santiago or walled city.

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when i saw this item i thought it'd be an item about the proposed mint at the dalles, oregon ... but i did forget about the manila mint.


Do elaborate on this oregon mint.

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Drug this up from the past,

a m mint Mark from my collection


Very nice rs... It's been so long that I had totally forgotten about this. Next chance I get I'll have to check my coins for mint marks.

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