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1815 - Blücher et Wellington, Great Britain.

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1815 - Blücher et Wellington, Great Britain.


78mm - Details - N

BHM - 902

Bramsen - 1736

d'Essling - 1480


I finally got better lighting on this medal. It's huge at 78mm, one of the largest produced in the Napoleonic era. It also was produced in a variety of materials including silver, copper and white metal. Other authorities list tin (which could be the white metal) and fonte de Berlin, a combination of iron and other metals used in Prussia at the time.


The poor guy getting it in the crotch is Davout, arguably Napoleon's finest marshall. If you look at the Wikipedia entry his portrait points out an accuracy problem the engraver had...


While BHM lists this as Normal in white metal I've actually never seen another example in any metal.

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I hope that people who look at this topic take the time to click on the Details link and then click on the obverse & reverse for the larger images. The background to Wellington's portrait is so much better viewed that way.


As you said, that has got to hurt, I just hope he, Davout, was hung on the left not the right. Superb medal.

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