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Philippine japanese occupation $100 peso note with transformer sign?I need help from the expert to identify it please.


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Hello,nice to see you once again.I have just discovered something is really "unique" on this note which is a philippine japanese occupation $100 peso in WWII period 1942-45.Firstly,I was really shocked to see there is a rainbow line in black colour across on the left side outside the flame but there is no other rainbow line on top,right or bottom side outside the flame clearly you can see on this note.When I looked through the obverse side of this note,I noticed there are another two rainbow cross lines (X) and joined together with an equal (=) in the middle of (X) just next to the words "one hundred" showing on the superlarge scans below(I hope you can see it on the superlarge scans).Beside that,I also noticed the number "1" of 100 with underprint layer lining in green colour at the bottom right corner only and the rest of 100 are normal with no underprint layer lining in the rest of three corner.I have seen and compared it with more than 1000 copies of this similar $100 perso notes and seems their all in normal condition without this errors or varieties,here is an example of a normal note(please see last scan).


Obviously,there are three unexplained things on this note especially the rainbow line and also cross lines joined with an equal inner part.The cross lines joined with an equal looks more like a transformer sign.I have watch the transformer movie episod 1 and 2,it looks exactly like the sign in the movie.My thought is this transformer sign has aready existed and invented by japanese soldier during WWII period in 1942-45.This unexplained things are so impossible to be appeared on a note like this and the printing process is very suspicous of how did this unexplained things can be appeared on this note?Im wondering and very curious about this things for all the time that make me more confused. ;):D:D:D


Honestly,I have never ever seen anything like this before as a collector for so many years and I would consider it as "Unique error note",probably this is the most unique error note in the world becouse there is no other piece looks exactly like this,you wont find the same errors just like this on any other note for sure,this is what I thought only.Unfortunely,I just cannot confirm that right now and still need help from the experts to identify this three things on it and explain it in detail,opinion is needed too.I wish someone can really help me as soon as possible,your help is very apprieiciated and dont miss this chance to view this item once in your lifetime,enjoy yourself. :D;););):ninja:










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hello there,


will try to find my grandmother' set of Japanese notes, she survived during the war and she got some japanese bills ...when I was younger I wrapped it in a plastic and stored it in old wooden box...i hope it is still there...


i can compare it if only i can retrieve them



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