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My Most Popular Medals on Omnicoin By Hits.

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Freely admit I pinched the idea from the world coin forum.


1685, England. OFFICIAL CORONATION MEDAL OF JAMES II. By John Roettiers. Silver 35mm. Hits 374


Henri III of France, King of Poland & Catherine de Medici (his mother). Circa 1575. Bronze 43mm no edge marks. Hits 342


45mm silver Rev: National D'Escompte De Paris 1850, Republic Francaise. Hits 341


Cardinal Richelieu, Armand-Jean Duplessis (1585-1642)

Cast Bronze Tribute Medal, 1631, by Jean Warin. Hits 329


1700s, bronze, approx 48mm across, plain edge, no edge mark, depicts Charles II, Duke of Lorraine and his wife Margaret of the Palatinate. Hits 319.


Interestingly (to me at least) 4 of my top 5 medals are french, even though most of my medals are english. None of these make my own '5 most popular medals' in my collection, though the coronation medal is close.


I would like to see your most popular 5 medals by hits on Omnicoin.


I realize that the medals posted earliest will have an advantage and ones just posted a big disadvantage, which will affect the results.

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1904 St. Louis World's Fair Aluminum So-Called Dollar (also my most popular of coins and medals). There are four other medals in this set and none come close to the popularity of this particular piece.




1970 Pairs Mint medal, 700th Anniversary of St. Louis, Bronze.




1737 copper jeton, Assembly of Lille




1896 Dayton, Ohio Centennial, Aluminum




1957 Aluminum, E.W. Bliss centennial.

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1811 Loge de St Jean, France (756)



1805 Paix de Presbourg, France (705)



1811 Le Roi de Rome, France (683)



1811 Prix de l'Athénée de Vaucluse, France (671)



1793 Death of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, Great Britain (664)



Probably no surprise that 4 out of my top 5 are French. What was a bit of a surpise to me was that 3 out of those 4 were from 1811; arguably the height of the 1st Empire. The British piece is pretty unusual but I swear I'm not responsible for the PVC damage... :ninja:

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All of your top fives are superb pieces guys. If I had to pick just one it would be the Cardinal Richelieu but I admit to a real liking of aluminum medals (my dad was an overhead crane operator and foreman at Kaiser Aluminum in Spokane, WA for 30+ years). Having tried to photograph aluminum hellers from the Czech republic I am simply amazed at bill's results. :ninja:

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Having tried to photograph aluminum hellers from the Czech republic I am simply amazed at bill's results. :ninja:


Your images are no slackers either. The St. Louis piece was shot twice, once for the buildings which blasted out the fields and then again for the fields. I then blended the two images fading the first onto the second allowing the blasted white fields to fade out and the properly exposed fields to show through.


The Bliss medal took three or four tries before I was happy (multiple shots per session). The Dayton needs to be reshot, but it is a worn medal anyway.


I use straight axial lighting and variations on axial lighting.

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