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carbon spot on silver coin


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That is actually not an easy question. So called carbon spots are vague since you really don't know what it is. So called carbon spots could be Silver Nitrate, Silver Oxide, Silver almost anything. The possibility of carbon forming on anything Silver is hardly something to be real, more just an expression. The most common form of a Silver Compound is AgNO3. However, Silver easily combines with Oxigen, Flourine and numerous Sulfur compounds to form Ag2(SO54)3.

Again, that term a Carbon Spot is just what people say when a blackesh spot forms on Silver.

Regardless of what it is, my suggestion is try dipping that coin in warm distilled water. If that spot is still there after that, I would leave well enough alone.

Way to many people attempt to remove such spots and end up with a obviously cleaned coin and all for one small spot.

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That is just a coin dealer. Same results could be found with any coin shop or dealer.


Carbon spots are actually many different things, it could be an oxidized silver spot from a bead of sweat or other moisture, or greese from the die that struck the planchet, or insect scat or droppings (possibly bird droppings at some older mints). It devalues any coin because people think the coin has a problem, but if the spot is removed, then the value can really decrease because the coin appears cleaned.


I just would wait on another coin if you don't think you can live with the spotting.

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