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ELYMAIS. Orodes I. Circa 57-38 BC


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Anybody, tell me please what is the real price of this coin: ELYMAIS. Orodes I. Circa 57-38 BC ? :ninja:


I remember spending about 10-20 $ for my specimen, but today the price may be higher:




Elymais, Orodes III., ca. 100-200 AD.,

Æ Drachm (14-15 mm / 3,80 g),

Obv.: bearded bust facing left, wearing a diadem tiara with an anchor on it. [Pellet and crescent above] an anchor to the right.

Rev.: dashes in the shape of V's.

Sear GIC 5896 ; van't Haaff 16.4.2-1Bd ; de Morgan 28 (Orodes I) ; BMC 28 259 68ff .

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