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Greetings from new Romanian member

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Greetings to everyone!


It's been a while since I first started reading this forum but it's just now that I managed to create an account.


I'm from Romania and glad to be here. Started collecting coins as a kid when my grandparents who live in a rural area found a few coins in the ground. Got those and then I started looking for more coins at my neighbours or relatives. In a short time I ended up with a 200-piece coin lot which I was very proud of. Thought my 1867 10 bani coin was worth a fortune and I used to clean it once in a while with a pencil eraser to make sure it stays in good shape :ninja:


Then I forgot about them coins until a couple of years ago when I found them around the house in a toothpaste box. Since then I've been collecting modern coins, mostly Romanian.


Few days ago I bought this coin that's got a carbon spot on it and wanted to know your opinion on whether I should try cleaning it or just leave it like that. I will post a new topic on that hopefully tommorow.


Best regards

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A very warm welcome to you! :ninja:


I hope that someone will be able to help you regarding the carbon spot on your coin.


I hope you enjoy your stay here.

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Thanks for your warm welcome! :ninja:


@Scottishmoney-glad you like the Romanian banknote. Hope you also like football, Donetsk's got a pretty good team trained by a Romanian coach ;)



Yes, Shakhtar won UEFA championship back in May, we went to the party in early June. My place is not too far, only about 1.5 km from Shakhtar stadium.

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