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We All Have Our Hobbies

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Over the next few days, I'll post some of my acquisitions at the ANA show. For starters, I picked up a small medal that I did not expect to see and was not really looking for it. However, I've always liked the medal and I took the opportunity to add one to my collection. I probably paid too much, but I've always liked this piece.




Mother Shipton of England liked to tell the future and, apparently, ride a broom while wearing her tall pointy hat. Mother Shipton begat the witch and (I guess in Lovett's mind) her hobbies. Interesting pairing the spells of withes with the spells of coins and medals. Not much difference in Lovett's opinion?

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Great find. Mine came from Steve Tannenbaum, so it takes on even more significance when I look at it now.

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I lived in York for 6 years in the 1970's and visited Mother Shipton's cave. Knaresborough is/was a great little town we used to go there quite often, it claimed to have the oldest chemists(drug store) & the oldest sweetshop in England but so do some other locations. Oh happy days.

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I met a fellow selling a high-grade NGC certified version of this medal ($2K)... what do these typically sell for?


Depends on the metal, etc. A nice copper piece sold recently for under $200 on Ebay. Mine cost more than that, but not that much more. NCG holders seem to be very valuable. In the end, it depends on what one is willing to pay. Exonumia is doing well at present.

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