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Most Valuable U.S. Coins Found in Circulation

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Articles like this are great for coin collecting:

Most Valuable U.S. Coins Found in Circulation


Quick list:


10. Silver half dollars

9. Rolls of certain uncirculated state quarters

8. 1995 DDO penny

7. Pres. dollars edge lettering errors

6. 1982 no mint mark Roosie

5. 1999 wide "AM" cent

4. 2004-D Wisconsin extra leaf SQ

3. 1972 DDO cent

2. 1970-S small date DDO cent

1. 1969-S DDO cent


What do you think? Of course it's not an exhaustive list or one built with scientific precision. But it's decent and a great way to inspire pocket collectors.


Any that you'd add?

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This list could actually be very extensive. For example if you checked out the www.coppercoins.com web site, there alone you would see the numerous errors found with just Lincoln Cents. The list is mostly for error coins and that could become a list of millions. For example imagine how many RPM's alone have been found in change. Rotated reverses, offsets, clipped planchets and on and on and on. In the Red Book on pages 400 and up there is a large variety of error coins and most are found in change.

If such a list is intended for the most valuable coins found in change, that too would be sort of difficult unless there was a breaking point in value. Sort of like above $100, or above $500, etc. Many of the coins on that list are just sort of low value compared to a 1955 Lincoln Cent double die.

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Good points, Carl. I figured the list they created was of varieties that have high value, are easy to detect, but are not as publicized as the 1955 error. Frankly, I forgot that there was a 1969-S DDO cent. I forget to check the AM in the 98-00 cents. Of course, I always check 1995 cents for any trace off DDO

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I suppose this also depends on the timeframe you're talking about, if talking about coins in circulation today, then that list is good, but if we are talking about coins in circulation earlier, I would have waited in line at the Denver mint in 1927 to get one of their new $20 gold pieces!

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Perhaps far from the most valuable coins in circulation in terms of overall price the lowly silver dime -- can be found more often than silver nickels or quarters. Possibly more often than silver half dollars. Silver value right now $1.17 or so.

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